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The 150 North project will include a culinary water line replacement and roadway reconstruction along 150 North from 1300 East to 1400 East. The project will also include improvements to the pressurized irrigation system, storm drain, sidewalk, and curb and gutter. Two new fire hydrants will also be added on 1400 East.


The project is scheduled to start construction on May 27, 2020, and to be completed at the end of July 2020.


The water line will be replaced first, then improvements will be made to the storm drain and pressurized irrigation system along with the installation of the new fire hydrants. Next, the culinary water services will be connected to the new water line. Finally, the sidewalk and curb and gutter will be installed and the road will be pulverized, regraded, and repaved.

(Updated 05/26/2020)



Please contact the Pleasant Grove
Public Works Department at
with comments or
questions related to this project. 

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