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380 EAST



Improvements are coming to 380 East, courtesy of Pleasant Grove City. These improvements include waterline replacement and road resurfacing from 1100 North to the end of the cul-de-sac and on 1220 North. Sections of curb and gutter and water-ways will be replaced to correct drainage issues.


The new culinary main is installed and in service. The asphalt has been placed and is open to the public. Remaining work on the project includes raising the manholes and valve lids to the surface. Also, a protective coating will be installed over the joints in the asphalt to protect those joints from freezing and other types of damage until a seal coat can be placed over the entire surface next year. The entrance to the street off 1100 North will be completed with the 1100 North project.
(Updated 10/08/2019)












Please contact the Public Works Department 

at 801-785-2941 with comments or

questions related to this project. 

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