Rehabilitation of culinary infrastructure



Project Overview

The City is in the process of rehabilitating existing culinary water infrastructure in Battle Creek Canyon including several spring collection areas and pipelines.  As part of the project the Battle Creek Trail has been closed from Battle Creek Falls east to the Dry Creek Trail.  More information on trail closures can be seen at the following Forest Service links:



The project has systematically excavated and rebuilt each of the springs from which the city collects water, and the last couple of spring collection systems are in the final stages of being rebuilt. New pipelines have been constructed to collect and convey the water from the springs to the water main that runs down to the city. The final lengths of those pipelines are in process of being installed. If poor weather comes early, some final improvements may be completed next summer; but either way, the system is on track to supply water before the end of October. (Updated 10/08/2019)

Stay Informed

Please contact the Pleasant Grove Public
Works Department with comments or
questions related to this project by calling directly 
at: 801-785-2941

Forest service battle creek map.png
Forest service battle creek.png