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BLVD well

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Pleasant Grove City will be drilling a new culinary water supply well. The purpose of the project is to enhance water service in the surrounding area and help ensure a stable and reliable culinary water supply for the future.


The project is anticipated to start in
February 2022 and continue through December 2022.

(Updated 2/16/2022)



Please contact the Pleasant Grove
Public Works Department at
with comments or
questions related to this project. 

This project is one example of how the Public Works Department is planning for the future needs of the City. Other recent, current, and planned projects meeting the same goals include:

  • Expanded street repair and rehabilitation

  • Enhancing pressurized irrigation supplies

  • Replacing worn out facilities that have passed their useful life

  • Rehabilitated sewer infrastructure through trenchless technologies

  • Enhanced storm drain facilities to reduce flooding potential

  • Assist in expanding recreational opportunities

  • Expand street lighting, etc.

The Public Works Department is working hard to enhance the lives of Citizens of Pleasant Grove. Many years of drought has caused the ground water aquifer to shrink and this new well is being drilled to help ensure a stable and reliable culinary water supply for the City. It will utilize the latest technology and methods including drilling deeper to achieve this goal.

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