Closure Notice

Due to improvements being made by Pleasant Grove to the city’s diversion in Battle Creek, a two-week trail closure is anticipated in Battle Creek Canyon starting around mid-March. Exact timing is pending. Updates will be provided as exact dates are determined.

Project Overview

The city is commencing a construction project to improve the pressure irrigation system and reduce operating costs. The project will add or improve filter systems at our turnouts from the Alpine Aqueduct located along the Murdock Trail, and improve our diversions in Battle and Grove Creek Canyons. This will reduce or eliminate system clogging sediment, moss, or other materials in the areas served by these sources.

The project will move from location to location, and will be completed in May. The city’s diversion structures in Battle Creek and Grove Creek will be under construction. Hikers must obey construction signage and avoid construction areas. The trail in Battle Creek is anticipated to close for two weeks from approximately mid-March to the beginning of April. Updates will be forthcoming.


































Stay Informed

Please contact the Pleasant Grove Public
Works Department with comments or
questions related to this project by calling directly 
at: 801-785-2941